Let’s talk about the thesis statement this is your papers main argument and each main point presented in briefs it’s one sentence typically and we’ll talk about the specifics of that in a minute here now on some fields this might have a different title I know we usually use the term thesis statement in English and maybe in some of your other classes you hear it too but sometimes your professors might just say make sure your paper has a main claim or something like that if you’re in the social sciences and you’re asked to do like an empirical study it might be called a hypothesis. Find out great examples of that on Edusson.

Technically a hypothesis is a little bit different from a thesis and I’m not going to go into that today but basically whatever term your professor uses for it you need to make sure you have a sentence that your readers can look at and say okay this is what this paper is about not just what it’s about but this is what the author thinks about this topic the thesis usually belongs near the beginning of a paper and as some situations certain genres of writing there might be exceptions to this but usually in a college-level academic paper you’re going to put your thesis statement near the beginning of the paper but it’s not the first sent into the paper unless you’re writing something like really really brief like maybe a business report but typically your your thesis statement needs to be at the end of your introduction could be at the end of your first paragraph could be later if your introduction is longer than one paragraph you need to take some time to draw your reader into the topic to let them know why this is an important topic and then you get to your thesis statement.

So let’s look at a couple of other qualities of a good thesis statement it’s usually a single sentence whenever my English one or two students have a thesis statement it’s maybe two sentences I tell them can you tighten this up can you make this into one sentence it’s just easier for your readers to find if it’s one sentence but it’s usually a long sentence because it’s got to do a lot of work and I’ll show you an example of a long a good piece of statement that is long in a couple minutes here this is really important your thesis statement needs to be arguable it needs to be something that some people might disagree with it cannot just be a statement of fact so for example if I wanted to write a research paper about Charles Dickens it would not be a good piece of statement today Charles Dickens was born in 1812 because that’s at the historical fact you can look it up nobody is really going to argue against it to an agreed upon fact so if it’s not it’s not a fact that means it’s an opinion.