In your research you might need to change your outline you might find that one of your points is not as important as you originally thought it was going to be and you decide to delete that point or maybe turn it into a sub point you can do that now you should know the reasons why you’re changing your outline if you do decide to change it but it’s okay to change it all right here’s a couple I call these secrets because they’re just things that you know like little tips that can help you to work smarter not harder as they say if you have already written your thesis statement you’ve already got your main outline points those like I said about two to five main points they’re already there in your interview statement this also works the other way around. Read and learn more on headings at Edusson.

If you write your outline first all you have to do is basically condense it and now you’ve got enough you to statement another thing if you I think students do this before if you write a really real Thoreau outlined it’s written in complete sentences you’ve pretty much written your paper it’s got a lot of sub points and that sort of they have written I seems to students in my own introductory English classes that have written like four to five page outlines and those people really didn’t have to do a whole lot of work once they had written their outline all they needed to do was go back in and include transitions and an introduction conclusion and maybe incorporate their sources although a lot of times is people already put all their quotes and paraphrases in their outline so if you’re one of those people you like to write a really thorough outline good for you because you’re getting a lot of the work done kind of ahead of time for yourself.

And then another little trick here is if you are writing an APA paper and it’s a longer paper you’re encouraged to have headings in your paper it’s just that’s an APA thing if you’ve written a good outline that has good points and sub points you can actually turn those points into your headings for your APA paper and your subheadings this works too if you’re writing a longer paper and turabian a lot of times you require to have a table of contents or if you’re writing a thesis or dissertation in any field you need to have a table of contents and so if you’ve written a good outline you can typically turn maybe do a little bit of tweaking and turn that outline into your table of contents so it’s really useful to have an outline for a lot of reasons let me just give you a couple more reasons that apply to everybody your outline is really your papers Keystone it’s that thing that’s holding your paper together it should be so whatever it ends up looking like if you write on the back of the 3×5 card.