Some people like to write essays in reverse order and I think maybe as we talk here to be clear to you why something like move in Reverse work let me give you a couple of misconceptions that a lot of people have that outlining because I know a lot of students a lot of my students when I tell them they have to have an outline and kind of roll their eyes and then say I hate outlining and I didn’t part of that is because they have some wrong ideas about outlining so the first misconception here is a lot of people think the outlines have to have Roman numerals you have you know big Roman numeral one and capital A and then Arabic numeral one and all those things that you have to remember in a certain kind of order. Check out other material about outlines at Edusson.

That’s really not true now some people like to write that type of outline fine if you do great if you don’t like that type or if you never learn how to write it so it’s okay you get to choose a format of your outline if you want to use bullet points and create a hierarchy use your bullet points that’s fine if you want to do you know a handwritten outline that’s just kind of you know maybe wouldn’t make sense to somebody else but it makes sense to you that’s fine to whatever is going to work for you at this point now you have to turn in an outline if your professor actually requires to see your outline then you want to clean it up and you want to make it look a little bit more formal but right now we’re just talking about the outline is going to guide you through your paper and that one can look however you want to look here’s another a misconception about outlines that it need to be completed before you begin writing and can never change now there’s two aspects to this first that it needs to be completed before you begin writing.

Some people hate writing outlines before they begin their paper because they say I don’t really know what I’m going to say until I’ve already said it if you’re one of those people and you want to write an outline after you write your paper that’s fine however I would say it does help to have something down on paper before you start actually trying to write the introduction and all this kind of thing I think it really helps to have some kind of document that you can go back to and see okay this is what I what I’m trying to say but don’t force it if you can’t write an outline before you write your paper don’t like don’t try to force it the other thing too is the misconception is that it can never change that’s not true it’s a fluid document if you find that you know you’re not really proving one of the points that you thought you were going to prove.