I think we need to talk about that word opinion because sometimes people get a little nervous about the word opinion when it comes to academic writing and I think well I’m not supposed to share my opinion actually yes when you write a thesis statement you are stating your opinion but two important qualifications about that one it’s your opinion backed up with reasons so it’s not just how you feel you’ve done their research you’ve come to a certain conclusion and it’s a well reasoned conclusion the second thing too I think sometimes when people think about stating their opinion they think about using the word I and saying things like I feel and I believe and you know you’re you’re right when you think you know you’re not both you die and in a paper typically you’re not supposed to use I in a college-level paper but you can you don’t need to in your thesis statement you don’t need to say I believe you know Charles Dickens was the greatest novelist of the 19th century if you’ve done the research and you can actually prove that. Get to know more on opinions subject on Edusson.

You can just say Charles Dickens was the greatest novelist in the 19th century I don’t know if that’s a good piece of statement but you see what I mean it gives you it’s not you sound much more confident when you just come out and say it instead of kind of qualifying it by feo or I believe okay and then your thesis statement should also provide your readers with a roadmap for the rest of the paper once I’ve read your thesis statement I should know where the rest of paper is going pretty much also by the way your main points and most people have two to four sometimes maybe five main points I would not do more than that in a paper your your main points should appear in the thesis statement in the same order that they’re going to appear in the rest of the paper just again to help your readers navigate your paper so let’s look at a poor thesis statement this thesis statement says in this paper I’m going to show why I support candidate a / candidate B now there are a couple things that are wrong here I’ve showed this to students before and they pointed out there’s a contraction in here and it’s not good to use contractions in academic writing and that’s true but that’s that’s more of a kind of a surface on grammar formality issues.

So let’s look at what’s really wrong with this as a CSU statement first of all the sentence gives no indication of the main points of the paper or the author’s reasons for his or her position do you see it’s a very short sentence that’s too short to be a thesis statement we don’t have any reasons why this person supports candidate a / candidate B and those need to be in there secondly why this author supports the candidate is really not a topic for an academic paper it’s more like a personal kind of editorial s/a your readers don’t really care why you support this candidate or why you’re going to vote for this candidate they want to know why they should vote for the candidate and why in general this candidate is better than the other and insert and I put a little a tricked by this one because this is a wrong for some disciplines but not for others this author has used an ax tactic known as announcing and that’s when you say things like I am going to show or this paper will prove or the researchers found or it was found or something like that.